• Animesh Gupta

PAVELOW - Exploit Toolbox

PAVELOW helps you with your exploiting and vulnerability searching adventures on KALI Linux by using a few different pre-installed tools among several others that PAVELOW will installed & setup for you(they all can be found right here on Github too).


1. Passive Recon Menu

  • DORK OSINT (External FF)

  • Email Harvester

  • Subdomain Gather

  • WAF Detection

2. Aggressive Recon

  • Subdomain Takeover

  • Port Scan

  • NSE Vuln Scan

  • Injection Crawler (Much more)

3. Vulnerability Lab

  • XSS Crawl/Finder

  • CMS Scan

  • CMS Vuln Tools

  • Admin Bypasser (Many others)

  • That's just to name a few, the rest you'll have to go and enjoy yourself!


Kali Linux

ROOT (not root priv user)


Download PAVELOW


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